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Jervois Treasures. Luxury. Lavish. Laudable.

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Life Like No Other

Jervois Treasures Building Facade

Presenting Jervois Treasures, a laudable collection of 36 luxury homes at Singapore’s most reputable private residential enclave. Nestled in District 10 where addresses include prestigious Nassim, Tanglin, Ardmore and Chatsworth, to name a few, Jervois Treasures offers the thrill of urban excitement that goes hand-in-hand with nature’s tranquillity.

Jervois Treasures Swimming Pool

Indulging. Engaging. Relaxing.

What is luxury without privacy? Indulge in a lavish city lifestyle with the privacy of boutique living where eventful days melt into unforgettable nights. Relax in the pool, work out in the gym, or throw a champagne party, all within your private sanctuary. Enjoy the quiet side of a bustling city at Jervois Treasures.

Jervois Treasures Children's Play Area

The DNA Of An Ultimate Lifestyle

Jervois Treasures Location Map
Jervois Treasures Nearby Amenities

Match with the DNA of Jervois Treasures. Outside your gorgeous abode, the world awaits. When a sophisticated and vibrant city surrounds your life, you are in for a lifetime of privileges and prestige. From work to play, everywhere draws near to make your day.

Find your favourite international label evening wear at the closeby boutique. Pop a bottle of champagne at your favourite bar. Dine-in a Michelin Star restaurant close by.

Where amenities abound, a good selection of schools and institutions aligned for your beloved child and generations to come.

The City Luxury Orchard
While the world travels so far to be at where you are, you regard this world-class destination your neighbourhood. At Jervois Treasures, you live to the fullest. With all the premium labels, best foods and drinks at your doorstep, you are too blessed to ask for more.

The Eclectic Chill-Out Dempsey
Mere minutes drive from home, Dempsey is the choicest chill-out joint in the neighbourhood. The eclectic atmosphere offers a wide selection of wine bars and restaurants for all to relax and renew their minds and souls.

A place where you genuinely call home is one that resonates strongly with your desires and expectations. With excellent surroundings and most elegant fixtures and fittings, Jervois Treasures is where you truly belong.

Jervois Treasures Bathroom

Distinct. Detailed. Deluxe.